Top Rail Height 3.125″

Bottom Rail Height 3.125″

Stile Width 2.00″

Door Thickness 1.75″

Top Track 1.625″

Glass stops available:

1. Square single glazing

2. Sealed unit glazing

General Description

Work Included: The glazing contractor shall furnish all necessary materials, labour and equipment for the complete installation of aluminum entrance doors, door frames and hardware as detailed on the drawings and specified herein.

Work Not Included: Structural support of the framing system, wood framing, structural steel, masonry and final cleaning.


All extruded aluminum shall be 6063 alloy with a minimum T-5 temper. The thickness of the section varies from 0.150 at web section to .0110 on non-bearing wall surfaces. Glazing gaskets shall be EPDM elastomeric extrusions.


Both anodized and painted sections are available. All intergral colour anodizing is Architectural Class II., 0.4 to 0.7 mil. coating. A fluoropolymer paint coating conforming to the requirements of AAMA 603 and AAMA 605 specifications, the toughest coating in the industry standards.

Door panels are constructed from 6063-T5 alloy


Hardware for BF 2000 Bi-Fold door panels shall be the manufacturer’s standard:
1. Two Point M.S. hook bolt

2. Cylinder

3. Thumbturn

4. Cylinder Operated Flushbolts

5. Flush Finger Pulls

6. Top hung steel ball bearing wheels

7. Continuous Gear Hinge

If custom hardware is to be furnished by others, templates and physical hardware must be submitted prior to any fabrication.


Standard Aluminum’s BF 2000 Series door panels are assembled with continuous gear hinges which bonds the door panels into one continuous unit. Also providing a weatherproof and tamperproof barrier. Pivoted by walking beam pivots at one end. Top hung steel ball bearings wheels prevent foreign material from affecting smoothness of operation. Maximum door weight 200lbs. All doors and components are either manufactured or assembled by our trained and experienced technicians.

Please contact Standard Aluminum Products for your design options.

Performance Requirements

BF 2000 top hung bi-folding doors provide a clear opening for restaurants, cafes, conference centres, or hospital ICU rooms.

Optional Accessories

Many options are available to the designer such as:
1. Muntins and Panels

2. Higher Base Rail

3. Wider Stiles

Protection and Cleaning

After installation the general contractor should adequately protect the exposed aluminum and glass surfaces from damage by others trades. i.e. (but not restricted to) cement splash and leach, grinding, polishing compounds, plaster, paint, lime, acids and other contaminants.