Door Thickness 2.00″

Stile Width 5.00″

Top Rail Height 6.50″

Bottom Rail Height 6.50″

Glass stops available:

1. Sealed unit glazing

Door Panels are supplied with continuous gear hinges.

General Description

Work Included: The glazing contractor shall furnish all necessary materials, labour and equipment for the complete installation of aluminum entrance doors, door frames and hardware as detailed on the drawings and specified herein.

Work Not Included: Structural support of the framing system, wood framing, structural steel, masonry and final cleaning.


All extruded aluminum shall be 6063 alloy with a minimum T-5 temper. The thickness of the section varies from 0.110 at web section to .0160 on non-bearing wall surfaces. Glazing gaskets shall be EPDM elastomeric extrusions.


Both anodized and painted sections are available. All intergral colour anodizing is Architectural Class II., 0.4 to 0.7 mil. coating. A fluoropolymer paint coating conforming to the requirements of AAMA 2603 and AAMA 2605 specifications, the toughest coating in the industry standards.

and door entrance standard:


Hardware for aluminum doors and door frames shall be the entrance manufacturer’s standard

1. Continuous Gear Hinges

2. Lock Type

3. Closer

4. Exit Device

5. B/B offset handle

6. Threshold

7. Miscellaneous

Standard Aluminum uses hardware designed and engineered for aluminum entrance doors by recognized hardware manufacturers such as Adams Rite and Dorma Door Controls. Weatherstrip for the door is supplied by the door manufacturer. If custom hardware is to be furnished by others, templates and physical hardware must be submitted prior to any fabrication.


All corners shall be mechanically fastened using plated 3/8 threaded rods secured into an extruded race in the rail section; all fasteners used shall be plated. Corners construction shall remain flexible and not break or tear when a full size x door is over stressed in a direction normal to the plane of the doors, as when the door is slammed against a floor mounted stop or immovable object. All doors and components are either manufactured or assembled by our trained and experienced technicians.


All testing shall be on full size door and frame sections. Air infiltration shall be tested in accordance with ASTM-Designation E283-91 or ASHRAE standard #90-80. Single doors shall not exceed .50 CFM per lin.ft. of perimeter. Pairs of doors shall not exceed 1.0 CFM per lin.ft of perimeter.

Special Features

All doors have snap in glass setting blocks for double glass. M.S. hook lock backset is 1.5 inches to give maximum clearance from door framing material.

Optional Accessories

In addition to standard push/pull type hardware, Standard Aluminum offers a line of;

1. Custom handles

2. Mid panels

3. Panic sets manufactured by Adams Rite

4. Butt hinges

Protection and Cleaning

After installation the general contractor should adequately protect the exposed aluminum and glass surfaces from damage by others trades. i.e. (but not restricted to) cement splash and leach, grinding, polishing compounds, plaster, paint, lime, acids and other contaminants.